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Boston States Fiddle Camp is a long-weekend residential program founded in 2020. At Boston States, we offer a unique musical immersion by taking a deep dive into Scottish and Cape Breton traditional music. Our priority is to provide the world’s best instruction in Scottish music all while building our local community and fostering creativity and FUN across ability levels, age, and backgrounds. We offer classes in fiddle, piano, guitar, and more.

From the influx of Cape Breton immigrants who brought their music and dance to places like the Canadian-American Club, to the Boston Scottish Fiddle Club, the thriving RSCDS branch, and the Boston Harbor Scottish Fiddle School, New England has long been a hotbed for Scottish music and culture in America. At Boston States Fiddle Camp, we strive to maintain and grow that legacy. 

What does our name mean?

“The Boston States” is the nickname Cape Bretoners have for New England, where many came to live and work in droves in the late 19th/early 20th century (predominantly in the greater Boston area). Like their Scottish ancestors who settled in Nova Scotia over a century before, they brought their music, language, and dance with them and preserved that cultural heritage here in New England. 

Our Facility

Boston States is pleased to partner with the stunning Potash Hill in Marlboro, VT.

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