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An Old Skye Air (2023)
Castle Grant by J.S. Skinner (2022)
John Allan's Jig by Dan Hughie MacEachern (2021)

Katie teaches one tune every year that the whole camp learns.

Tunes: Text


In no particular order, here's a list of tunes that are popular at camp and in the Scottish/Cape Breton scene in New England

Jenny Dang the Weaver: reel, D
Braes of Mar: strathspey, D
Brenda Stubbert: reel, Am by Jerry Holland
Atholl Highlanders: jig, A
Put Me in the Big Chest: reel, A
Barrowburn: reel, D by Addie Harper
Stan Chapman's Jig: jig, A by Jerry Holland
Sailor's Wife: jig, Dm
Buntata 's Sgadan: reel, A by Allan MacDonald
Jack Daniels: reel, A by John Morris Rankin
Rannie MacLellan: reel, D by Brenda Stubbert
Stone Frigate: reel, D by Donald Carrigan
Trip to Windsor: reel, A by Dan R. MacDonald
Captain Campbell: strathspey, A
Homeward Bound: reel, D
High Drive: reel, D by Gordon Duncan

Tunes: Text
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